Written by Ola Oreiba

Another year comes to an end...
Another year comes to an end…


Hello everyone! So here I am, after spending more than 3 hours of staring and walking down memory lane after writing this article’s title trying to pinpoint the best events, moments whatsoever of 2013 here in Cairo. On my personal side of life, I think I had plenty of best moments and memorable events, but what about you, Cairo? As 2014 approaches, here are the best and most memorable events –in no particular chronological or any other order- that I was able to gather among plenty of weird circumstances, lots of deaths and an ongoing-and-hopefully-not-everlasting-political turmoil.

1.  The SNOWSTORM; seeing snow in Cairo was such a great thing and had an immense impact since it’s something that doesn’t and will not happen every day, so that was something that I guess we, Cairenes, will be remembering for years to come if it doesn’t happen again in the upcoming years. And I have to say that despite the cold, we did enjoy that sight nevertheless.

2.  30th of June Marches; even though I didn’t take part in them myself –because I never do take part in such things no matter the reasons- it was great seeing all those people for once agreeing so strongly on something and determined to do whatever there is in their power to make it happen. It was an enforcement of new power of determination and will. Chapeau!

Victory, Solidarity, حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل and Rab'a; it was definitely the year of the fingers!
It was definitely the year of the fingers!


3.  Bassem Youssef’s El Bernameg; whether you agreed or still agree with him or not, we all have to admit that he and his show are a unique phenomena that made a great difference in how we look at things as a society. He added a different ingredient to comedy that totally changed it to something more than just the pretentious laugh it had become lately, and his show definitely changed something in our modern Egyptian culture. I certainly hope to get to see him once more on TV.

4.  Smart petroleum cards –or whatever they’re called; you know what I mean LOL- I know they’re not really put into action yet but I already subscribed and I’m waiting to receive mine through the mail. I think if they’re implemented the right way, we’ll see great advancements in the energy field soon and not just on smaller levels.

5.  Shutting down the extreme religious channels; Thank God for that! Because they really presented false idols, morals and beliefs that in a country with such high levels of illiteracy and ignorance, they’ve already made serious damages to our lives and society.

Here's hoping to a new year free of protest and mindless "following"...from both sides.
Here’s hoping to a new year free of protest and mindless “following”…from both sides.


6.  This one is a bit personal but I had to show off. NEVER SUFFERED FROM POWER CUTS AND BLACK OUTS ALL YEAR; I seriously don’t know why but I never did so I am really glad about it, that I had to mention it.

That’s all I was able to remember; really few right? I bet if I wrote “worst” instead of “best”, I’ll write pages and it wouldn’t be enough. So, make this your new year’s resolution; next year, we’ll have better moments and memories to share because we will make our country a better one.

Another year, another hope for our Egypt.
Another year, another hope for our Egypt.


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