Written By Menna Fahmi

Hi Cairenes. As a big fan of horror and fantasy, Halloween has always been a fun occasion to me; with it falling on a Monday and me being a corporate slave, thus my only way to have fun this year will be through dimming my bedroom lights and digging in my library of horror books with a mug of coffee in my hand.

I don’t know if this is true or if it is just me, but for some reason most of the good horror stories I have ever read are considered to be classics. I mean was planet Earth of the past somewhat scarier, which helped writers write the masterpieces below?

Either way, here are my top 4 picks for a bookworm’s perfect stay-in Halloween night:

4- “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley

Need I say more? But just in case you didn’t know: This book is about a crazy scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who runs some experiments, and ends up creating a weird creature namely Frankenstein. It’s a classic you can’t just not read.

3- “The Green Mile” By Stephen King

What list of horror books doesn’t include books by the king of horror Stephen King? Although this one may not always be categorized as horror, that doesn’t make it any less spooky and definitely a book I’d read on Halloween. This one right here is about a death row supervisor who meets one unusual prisoner with healing powers. If you’re fainthearted this book is not for you.

2- “The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard” By Robert E. Howard

Now this one is perfect if you’re looking for more than one scare; this book has many horror tales by the great Robert E. Howard, who Stephen King himself said one of his stories, Pigeons from Hell, is one of the finest horrors he’s read. This books has many good ones but my favorite definitely is “Worms of the Earth”

1- “The Shining” by Stephen King

Joey Tribbiani was not wrong to put this one in the freezer. Also, you can never find a list of top horror stories without a classic like “The Shining” making it to the list. The book takes us through a hotel that suddenly went upside down and became possessed with an evil soul when were being cut off during a blizzard; empty rooms suddenly have guests and masked people are all around. This is by far my favorite horror book and the scariest of them all. I’d advice to keep the lights on for this one. Also, if you’re a movie fanatic, then you’ve got to watch the movie adaptation of this book: The Shining.

Your Thoughts?

What’s your favorite horror book? Got anything to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.