Written by Malak Nour

Dear Readers! Welcome Back to Art Bits! Ever thought of why you wear the jewelry pieces you usually wear? Is it because it’s “in”? Perhaps it’s the designer’s name? What about jewelry that tells a story? That captures the core of a moment, place, or even a person, and turns them into wearable sentiments? If you, like me, are fascinated by that idea, I’d like to introduce you to the topic of this article: Analogie jewelry.

The logo

Analogie is a unique jewelry brand that was founded by Egyptian designer Nahla El Gizawy in 2014. What sets Analogie apart is the unique idea behind it of creating analogies of real life through jewelry. Through the jewelry, you come across analogies of moments, places, scenes, people, and so many other things. Starting off by creating jewelry pieces inspired by her friends’ characters and favourite things, Nahla’s passion for jewelry-making continued to evolve till it took the form of an actual brand – Analogie.

Launch at MICA Coffee Bar, Netherlands

On Analogie’s website, you’ll find that each photo of a jewelry piece is coupled with another photo from something in real life. It doesn’t take you long to recognize the similarity between the piece and the photo next to it. The bird, scenery, or person in each photo seem like they were transformed into jewelry pieces. The soul in them captured and recreated through gemstones. As is the case in Analogie’s logo with a downward shape mirroring the original A of the word “Analogie”, the jewelry pieces mirror their original real life inspiration. A necklace that’s inspired by a certain bird has just the right combination and balance of colours, just the  right texture and size of gemstones. The necklace is the bird in jewelry form. An analogy of the bird.

“Orange Surgeon” from the collection: Out To Sea

“Maasai” from Analogie’s custom-made jewelry. Inspiration Photo (on the right) by Steven Ankersmit

It’s fascinating to me how Nahla’s creations come to life in the first place, and how they come to mirror it like they do. In my perspective, what she does with Analogie is quite similar to photography. Using his or her camera, a photographer captures a moment, freezing it in time. Nahla also captures a moment, freezing it in time, but through her jewelry. The interesting part is that in the case of a photographer, a moment is captured as is, saved on the film of a camera. But in Nahla’s case, the moment has to be transported from real life to another medium. She has to make something else speak the language of the moment she witnessed or experienced. The same way a dancer has to make his or her body speak the language of the story that the choreographer wants to tell, or a singer has to make his or her voice tremble with the profound emotion of the songwriter’s words.

Oval Earrings from the collection: Your Piece Of Earth

Nahla’s jewelry has to be what she saw or experienced in real life without actually being it. If anything, what Nahla is doing is the core of what art means to her: “art, to me, is expression.” Through what she does, she’s in an ongoing pursuit to express the world around her as she sees it. She’s trying to translate the essence of her world and express it though gemstones and silver. In turn, her expression speaks to her customer who buys one of her pieces and wears it to express something about him or her own self. Sometimes, Nahla is trying to express her customers’ own stories through her custom-made pieces. In this case, customers want to commemorate something that has meaning to them, and trust in Nahla to express their story through her art. The end result is a piece of jewelry that expresses something about its wearer. A piece of jewelry that tells a story.

“Punk Rock” from Analogie’s custom-made jewelry

We live in a world of trends where, out of nowhere, you find everyone falling in love with a certain brand of jewelry. And just like a Facebook post, it goes viral – everyone is wearing it. It’s refreshing to have a brand like Analogie in the midst of that. A brand that values sentiment, stories, and expression. Not only is the idea behind Analogie with the creation of jewelry analogies artistic, but also the very process of creating the jewelry is. It fascinates me how one can transform a person’s loved one into a bold assortment of titanium quartz, a nostalgic memory into delicate seashells and coral, or a lifelong interest into an elaborate design with a vibrant colour duo. It fascinates me how Nahla El Gizawy does what she does with Analogie.

Make sure you check out Nahla’s jewelry at Analogie’s website. You can place an order over there if you want to be the owner of one of the unique collection pieces. The prices range from around 30 to 120 Euros depending on the piece. You can also arrange for your very own custom-made piece by contacting Nahla over here.

Stay tuned for Cairo Contra’s full interview with Nahla next week!


Have you ever wondered about the story behind someone else’s necklace, earring, or bracelet? Ever considered that jewelry might tell a story in the first place? Let me know in the comments below!