Written by: Malak Nour

Dear readers, welcome back to Art Bits. It’s been a while since the last article, so you can say that I’m back with a splash…a splash of colour, that is! This month’s article is going to be about Instagram artist or, “creator of images” – as she likes to put it – Aurely Cerise. 

Self portrait of Cerise from her Instagram (Source)

“You like rainbows? You’re in the right place,” writes Cerise in her Instagram biography; and truly, this short sentence captures what her art is all about. Cerise is a French visual artist who makes it a point that, “less is more”. When you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll immediately recognize the minimalism and colour of her photo compositions. It’s almost as if her choice of colours makes up for the lack of other elements in her photos.

Her minimalism gives her photos a very relaxing and enchanting quality because it gets you to focus on just the single element that caught her eye; your eyes are not distracted by things that won’t add to the photo. Pairing very light backgrounds (white, cream, etc.) that contrast with a pop of colour through a few objects, that are the centre of attention, results in a beautiful blend that perfectly captures Cerise’s purpose for making art in the first place.


On the 7th episode of a video series titled “Long Story Short by Live Orange TV, Cerise was interviewed to talk more about her art. At the very beginning of the video, she explains how she began taking her unique style of photos at a very particular time in her life: a time when she was feeling sad, anxious, and very stressed. One day, without her knowing why, she set up her first object/composition, and her breathing returned normally…it was then when she realized she had found her way out.

Cerise talks about how as she continued with her art, it gradually started transforming itself till it became a, “form of well-being,” then, “a driving force,” that keeps her going. Cerise also talks about how Instagram provides a platform for her creativity and an opportunity to share that with people all around the world, pushing her to create something new everyday.


“When I look at my image it makes me smile and I hope that whoever looks at it smiles at the same time.” Through art, Cerise managed to find her own form of healing; one that she is sharing with the world. And I think this is one very significant purpose of art: when we create art, we channel our thoughts, energy, and feelings into the work of art. It’s as if we come with a mess of thoughts and feelings, and this process of creating something helps us sort them out…we come in ‘misbalanced’ and come out more balanced.

Maybe that’s because this process helps us immerse ourselves in something other than the messiness and noisiness of our minds, allowing us to “regroup” and to come out renewed and refreshed; in a healthier state of being. This is not just a speculation on my part or a case unique to Cerise. Art as a form of healing has actual grounds in Art Therapy; a form of therapy that originated both from art and psychotherapy and is being used to help patients explore their feelings, become more self-aware, relieve their anxiety, in addition to helping with many other significant issues.


In art, Cerise found healing and motivation; two things that I think really show in her combination of minimalism and colour. So, check out Cerise’s Instagram if you are looking for a bit of healing and motivation to start the day yourself (she mainly posts in the morning to, “offer the humor of the day”), and maybe think of how you can use art in your own special way.


What do you think?

Do you have any personal experiences with healing through art? If so, we’d love to hear more about them in the comments. And make sure to let us know which artist(s) you want featured next.