Welcome everyone to Al Saraya Al Safra [The Yellow Saray]. For those who don’t know what this term means; it initially referred to a specific mental hospital in Cairo (El-Abasseya Hospital); which, as the name suggests, was yellow in colour; but then later became a general term that refers to any mental hospital across Egypt. As the name suggests, this column will cover almost anything related to psychology.

Why psychology? Because how not!? Psychology is a major field in the social sciences, yet holds little awareness in Egypt. Hopefully, we can work our way through this, and help promote such a significant topic.

Don’t try to run away…


So let’s start with: What if horoscopes were actually made by this mad scientist to fool people into thinking their behaviors are merely based on some sort of planetary or stars’ positions as part of his demented social experiment? Ok! Maybe not really, but it can still make sense!

Surprise… Negative personality traits are not a product of horoscopes, but could rather be a sign of a possible personality disorder.

So instead of just assuming that you are having these irrational mood swings because you are a Gemini and so that’s the norm, it might be more useful to actually know what science has to say about it. No, you are not “psycho” because you were born a Scorpio and so you are in no way justified to go full-mode “naked Patrick Bateman all covered up in blood running down the stairs with an electric chainsaw”!

“naked Patrick Bateman all covered up in blood running down the stairs…”

In fact, it is more than likely that you have absolutely nothing to worry about, but if you have been sharing all these posts about your Zodiac sign so that your friends would know why you’re behaving strange, then it might interest you to really understand what those traits can say about you from a more psychological perspective. You don’t really need a room at El-Abasseya hospital… yet!

What is a Personality Disorder?

A personality disorder is a deep-rooted dysfunction in one’s pattern of behavior, affecting the quality of the person’s long-term relationships and their functioning in society. Of course the average person cannot just simply diagnose themselves with a personality disorder, but it might make it easier for one to understand what they are mentally going through and self-learn how to cope with the problem.


1. Libra – The Paranoid?

Nina Sayers from Black Swan

The Paranoid can be big fans of conspiracy theories and tend to think people are inherently evil, and are generally suspicious of people’s intentions, think Nina Sayers from Black Swan. Similarly, individuals with a paranoid personality tend to be overly suspicious and skeptical of others and their motives. They hold irrational and unjustified beliefs about people; such as, people are not worthy of trust. Hence, paranoid sufferers find it hard to confide in and open up to others, and are usually quick to feel offended or attacked and easily hold grudges.


2. Capricorn – Schizoid?

Will Graham from Hannibal

Schizoids usually have emotional attachment problems. They tend to be detached from others and cannot get more emotionally involved beyond a certain point. Capricorns weren’t hugged enough in their childhood, maybe?! A schizoid person also feels uninterested in social and/or personal relationships, and prefer to be on their own. They show few emotional expressions, dislike participating in most activities, and find hardship in engaging with the normal societal cues.


3. Aquarius and Sagittarius – Schizotypal?

Patrick Bateman from American Psycho… again!

Schizotypal are somehow suspicious, so changeful and complicated that people can start mistaking them for mad scientists. A person with a schizotypal personality tends to appear cold with their emotional responses, as well as despising of close social relationships due to social anxiety. Their patterns of thinking, beliefs, and even the way they dress might seem odd or even bizarre.


4. Aries – Antisocial?!

Elizabeth from Prozac Nation

Antisocial people are arrogant, stubborn and tend to be insensitive of others’ emotions as they believe that they know everything. Moreover, an antisocial person is aggressive, has disregard for others’ needs/feelings, and can violate the rights of others.


5. Gemini and Pisces – Borderline?!

Effy Stonem from Skins

Overly emotional, overly sensitive, moody, weak-willed, and emotionally inconsistent, all are keywords for both Gemini and Pisces. Borderline personality traits are in a way very similar, yet more extreme, accompanied with feelings of emptiness, up and down mood swings, fragile self-image, and unstable relationships.


6. Leo – Narcissistic!

Bateman, again…

Leo since they are ruled by the sun, the center of the universe seem to assume so are they! Narcissists believe that they are unique and more significant than others, and they expect to be praised 24/7. Arrogance is the best keyword here. Like Antisocial (Aries), they also fail to recognize others’ needs.


7. Scorpio – Histrionic?

Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You

Scorpio are usually known for their possessive, arrogant, self-willed, and extreme personalities. So are histrionics, they are constantly seeking attention, speaking dramatically, and think that their relationships with others are much stronger than they truly are. Histrionics are also excessively emotional, which is similar to Borderline (Geminis and Pisces).


8. Cancer – Avoidant?

Astrid from White Oleander

Cancer can sometimes isolate themselves in their protective shell, as they are both avoidant and sensitive. The same goes with avoidant people, who are too sensitive for criticism, and are avoidant, as the term suggests, of interpersonal contact. An avoidant person generally has fear of rejection and social inhibition.


9. Taurus – Dependent!

Ingrid from White Oleander

Taurus are known for their excessive dependence, especially emotional, on others. Dependent personalities usually feel the need to be taken care of and to receive excessive advice and reassurance from others to make even minimal decisions. Dependent personalities can be quite submissive and clingy in relationships.


10. Virgo – Obsessive-compulsive?

Perfect Nina…

Perhaps Virgo can be the most overcritical and picky sign. But Obsessive-compulsive personalities take it to the extreme with irrational inflexibility and preoccupation with perfectionism and orderliness. They have a constant fear of missing out on the details and not finishing tasks to the highest standard.


Whether horoscopes are really accurate or just a collection of nonsense, is not the matter here. It is very important that we start paying actual attention to our personal irritability and instability, and those of others. Personality disorders are a real thing, and they exist among us.  Each and every one of us is going through some sort of an emotional and mental battle that others might be unaware of. It would be helpful if we are more understanding, caring and especially tolerant.

Why so serious?!

Do you believe in horoscopes?

Do you think the traits of your Zodiac sign say anything genuine about you after all? Or do the other signs seem more familiar now? How do you deal with negative personality traits? Let us know in the comments below!