Founded in 2013, CairoContra is a new experience with a new goal of presenting Cairo to the world –and to those Egyptians who don’t know it- as it is: the city that never sleeps in North Africa, the city that has a lot of stories to tell and share with all of us. Since the team behind CC is basically a group of youth, their niche was obviously other youth just like them living in a conservative traditional society.

Cairo Contra is a unique experience. Cairo youth will be entertained with various topics that will sure captivate their attention and most importantly, help them see their city from a different perspective, one that will balance between modernism and conservatism. Cairo Contra will be exposing the Egyptian youth to the world around them with just the right balance to keep them updated with everything that matters in their life.

The main target sought out by the CC team is to entertain & help the youth throughout their journey in the African city that never sleeps. The blog also focuses on providing the best of deals in terms of products ranging from clothing to electronics as well as tips on how best to live an exciting Egyptian life. Among others things, the CC team will also help enrich the youth’s knowledge and view of the world by sharing various news and happenings around the globe.

Through the Cairo Contra media kit, potential advertisers will get to know more about the CC blog and have a more detailed view of what our team is running and putting out there. You can download the media kit through the following link.


Please note that we, as the CC team, do not write, discuss or project any political and/or religious views and topics. We do not encourage any political or religious discussions in order to maintain a healthy and harmonious environment. We prefer that these topics be handled by experts. Thank you for understanding and complying with these regulations.