We Support Young Talent

We are an organization that supports young Egyptian talents by offering platforms for self-expression, while equipping them with the right skills and tools to tap into their full potential.

Behind the Name “Cairo Contra”

Cairo is known to be a city where a concept and its contradiction co-exist peacefully and harmoniously; the city where contrasting cultures, lifestyles, arts, perceptions, traditions, beliefs, history, and almost everything co-exist. Hence, our name Cairo Contra. The city where contrast and opposites are all embraced, by the big city with all its bustle and hustle.

Mission & Vision

To empower young Egyptian talents by giving them the platform and means to launch their full potential.

We not only show them their potential but discover means, tools, and sets of knowledge that help them excel in their area of interest.

Our Services

  • Our magazine which is not just the first Cairene entertainment, online, variety magazine written by Cairo youth, for Cairo youth; but also a platform where young talents find exposure and upgrade their skills further.
  • Hosting events for artists, speakers, authors, comedians, musicians, and mostly anyone with a talent or a message at our humble quarters.
  • Publishing products holding designs or artwork by young artists; 5% of the profit goes to supporting young talents.
  • We offer workshops and a platform for skill-sharing, where young talents can share their unique set of skills with others.