We are a non-political, religion-neutral platform for youth to unleash their talents; to be read by those seeking their reflection online. We are the echo of the contrasting Cairene society of youth and young adults wavering between the east, the west, the traditions, the broad-mindedness, the past, the future, and the multiple cultures and beliefs. In short, we’re here to give young Cairo a voice to be heard through the noisy city & a window to be seen amidst the vast crowds.


To create a platform for young people to express, be heard, learn, and grow.


We aim to become the place to prepare and deliver to the world the creative talents of the future generations.

Behind the Name

Cairo is known to be a city where a concept and its contradiction co-exist peacefully and harmoniously; the city where contrasting cultures, lifestyles, arts, perceptions, traditions, beliefs, history, and almost everything co-exist. Hence, our name Cairo Contra. The city where contrast and opposites are all embraced, by the big city with all its bustle and hustle.

Our Services

We are a platform that gives youth a chance to find & express themselves while growing their talents and skills. Through our internships, they can enjoy a fun work journey to become strong qualified candidates in the work force while adding a powerful experience to their know-how and portfolios.

We also offer customised interactive workshops for schools, student clubs, and external entities covering powerful communication skills, particularly using writing and focusing on the power of word.