Written by Mariem ELTagoury

She’s a queen. She’s a bride. She’s a mother. She’s poor yet rich. She’s ugly yet so beautiful. As old as time, yet owns a youthful bright heart. A heart filled with scars of sorrow so deep, yet she is the only source for my happiness. She is my inspiration. She has been a victim of abuse, illiteracy, war, rape and disease. She’s a brave-heart, a survivor. Only through her can I see the true meaning of beauty. Only with her can I taste the true meaning of joy. And only without her can I understand the true meaning of loneliness.

For wasn’t it you; who covered me with your warmth on many cold days? Wasn’t it that only with you could I feel the safest I could ever have been? Wasn’t it you who taught me that under the dust, there’s always something valuable worth getting your hands dirty for? Wasn’t it you who showed me the beauty in the wrinkles of age and time? Wasn’t it you that taught me that kindness is worth more than gold, that tyrannous power would always sink into the deepest of waters, that even nature and stone will be there to protect goodness of mankind? Wasn’t it you that taught me what bravery is? Yes it was you. You taught me this and that and so much more. You were never a miser when it comes to your long years of wisdom. But most importantly, you taught me love. For no, I couldn’t love anyone or anything as much as I loved you.

And it’s not just me. There’s something about you. Maybe your warmth, maybe your wisdom, maybe your tears, maybe the beauty weathered by years of pain, maybe the way you glow as the sun rises; that captured so many kindred hearts. Yes, maybe it’s the way you smile up to me under the city lights. No, they won’t understand what’s between us. How could they? Have they longed for you as I did when I traveled the world? Have they felt the way I did when I breathed you in after so long a separation? Have they felt the weight of your woes on their shoulders the way I did? Have they wept for you when you were hurt? Have they ever held you up high on their shoulders with pride as I have so often done? Have they ever strived to make a difference instead of abusing you? Your children have abandoned you and left you barren.

No, I am not innocent either. I have failed you. We have all failed you. Our actions have crippled you.  But please do not leave me standing here afraid and alone. I promise I won’t fail you again. I will make you proud. For you are my queen; and one day you will smile again, sing again and laugh again. Fools think that you need a prince charming to come and save you. They’re fools. Don’t they know that it was you who made kings!? For you are Egypt. You are the Queen of the Nile, Bride of the Mediterranean, and Mother of the world. Let them laugh, they will see. For you shall rise again, one day, somehow, you will, and they will fall under your majestic spell. For you are Egypt.



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