Poem contribution by guest Sama Atif

She might have seemed cold

Yet, there was a turbulent fire within her

But would it ignite?

Her burning fire turned into a red blaze

Thinking she’d turn into flames

She held onto control like a lifeline

Thinking that her life depended on it

When she was in-fact a raging storm

Held back by the calmness

You know what they say about the calm before the storm

She may have been a delicate rose

But her thorns were slowly suffocating her

Each second closer to her decay

Did she even want to stay?

She was an absolute ray of sunshine

Yet she was in utter darkness

She was the heaven everyone ran to

And she saved them all

when she was hurting like hell

She put her mask back on

To not drown in her sorrows

To live until tomorrow

But her tears blurred her vision

She seemed unfazed by words

When each word might’ve dug deeper

Until it forged a hole straight through her heart

Fabricating a void impossible to fill

As she felt her heart being ripped out

Shattering into fragile little pieces

Her world looked so stable from afar

When her whole universe came crashing down

Cracking wide open into half

She appeared to be so put together

Like she had everything under control

When she was silently falling apart

Can someone tell me

How the heck she hid behind this facade

Without  letting her mask slip off for a second?

Let me tell you, she deserves an Oscar

For the show she puts on

The truth is, she was pitch black as the velvet night sky

In disguise of the beaming stars

Brighter than the sun

Darker than the moon

She was Heaven and Hell

Fire and rain

Rainbow and storm

Light and dark

She. Was. A. Living. Walking. Contradiction...