Written by Lama El-Najdi


A dear, dear Torrent search engine recently shut down, sending us its farewells and goodbyes – Torrentz. While I’m still mourning the loss of my favourite torrent search engine – and searching for an open private tracker – I now lick my wounds with these other websites/applications. Here are 5 of my favourite ways to listen to music (kind of) legally:

Disclaimer: I don’t in any shape or form encourage Internet piracy. If you’re against it, and prefer getting all your music legally, then enjoy this huge cookie!

It’s Chocolate Chip too!



 1-    Spotify

Spotify on Desktop


Spotify probably has the largest music library, and unless you want to listen to Taylor Swift, you’ll probably find all the songs in the world, and more. Unfortunately, Spotify has yet to launch in Egypt, but I have a little trick for you that can help you run the application without having to purchase a premium account.

Get a vpn! You can use Windscribe or Tunnelbear. Vpn is a programme that makes your internet think you’re in a different country than the one you’re in, and in this case, it’ll let the internet network assume you’re in the USA whereas you’re at the comfort of your house in Cairo. It’s literally so easy, as soon as you download it, you get a toggle bar that lets you choose whichever country you want.

 2-    Anghami

Anghami – Mobile Version

Anghami is the Middle Eastern version of Spotify; it has a large variety of Arabic, and International music. It doesn’t have as big a library as Spotify, however it doesn’t require you to download a vpn, and go through all of that hassle you need for Spotify. Nonetheless, the selection of music available is the best you’ll find in any Middle-Eastern-based music streaming application.

 3-    8tracks

Endless Number of Playlists

8tracks is the perfect platform for you to discover new music via playlists. For whatever mood you’re in, you’ll surely find a playlist to dance and twirl, cry your heart out to and everything in between.

 4-    Noisetrade

You get the option to tip your favourite rising-artists

If you’re a hipster with your music, then Noisetrade is perfect for you, as it provides you with FREE albums by artists that no one has ever heard of! It has a wide variety of albums/singles sorted by genre, and you’ll surely find something to love on there.

 5-    Jamendo

You, too, get a cookie if you’ve ever heard of any of these artists

Jamendo is similar to Noisetrade as it provides you with a ton of music released by Independent artists that you can download for free, and legally.

Honourable mentions: Pandora and Soundcloud. Pandora offers a nice collection of music, but it needs a VPN like Spotify. Soundcloud is great if you’re discovering artists with great voices covering your favourite songs.

What do you think?

Do you know you know of any Torrent search engines? How did you find the above mentioned Torrent search engines? What types of music do you like to search for? Let us know in the comments below!