What’s Trending: 18/3/2017


Written by Rawan Mamdouh

Talents, memes, boycotts, and Mother’s Day are all in order; social media strikes this week with outrageous trends. Here is our list of the trendiest hashtags:

1) #Arabs_Got_Talent

Arabs Got Talent’s 5th season aired last Saturday. Our reasons for loving the show are: Ahmed Helmy representing us as the sarcastic and entertaining Egyptian judge and the Egyptian contestants who we’re supporting.

Two performances caught our attention. The first, were two violinists, capturing our hearts before our ears, in a competitive siblings performance; you could hear the rich art from behind those strings. Mariem and Amira Abou Zahra, 8 and 10 years old, granddaughters of the Egyptian actor Abdelrahman Abou Zahra, are fresh breakthroughs in the German music industry and here in their homeland.

To strengthen their Arab roots, their father enrolled them in the contest. For non-professional and non-musical ears, like mine, I thought it was going well; however, people with a musical background felt there was no sync, no coordination, and the instruments were out of tune during the airing of the episode on TV. The distressed father declared on his social media accounts that this wasn’t how the live performance sounded like and the whole glitch was a mistake during the preparations for the episode.

السادة المسؤولون عن برنامج المواهب العربيArabs Got Talent! أحب ان انوه لسيادتكم انه قد تم ارتكاب خطأ فني جسيم اثناء ا…

Posted by Ahmed Abouzahra on Monday, March 13, 2017

In another performance, an Egyptian girl in a polka-dotted dress and a girl crush on the celebrity Soad Hosny, sang Soad’s song; but, it was such a poor performance which made the judges buzz. For the sake of humanity, making people think they have potential only to make fun of them when they hit the stage is not funny. There were applications and rehearsals; the show’s producers could have easily stopped the mess before it went too far, but instead they thought it was material for a good joke to increase views.

حاجة استفزتني جدا . وتقريبا لأننا رخاص فالموضوع عدى عادي كده زي كل حاجة في حياتنا ما بتعدي عادي .ست لطيفة واضح عليها جد…

Posted by Eslam Salheen on Sunday, March 12, 2017


2) #DeleteCareem

Twitter feud: grab some popcorn…

Careem company, in Egypt stated that Wael El Fakharany, managing director and government relations, resigned last week due to some conflicts with the company. He took to Twitter to claim that he was in fact fired in a humiliating way.

People took screenshots deleting the app, which made the hashtag #DeleteCareem go viral.


Careem’s comeback was in the form of an ad campaign. Using also the social media effect, the company hired social media influencer, Mohamed Jimmy, to talk about his childhood nicknames and ask people to share theirs as part of their new campaign. Was that enough though to save Careem?

مامتك كانت بتدلعك و بتقولك ايه ؟ @careemegy #yallaletsgo @kijamii

A post shared by Mohamed Jimmy (@mohamedjimmyy) on


3) #ParentsAndGoats

Trending for days, a Whatsapp voice recording of a mother arguing that her daughter was physically harassed then hugged and kissed by a boy in her same class. Instead of speaking to the boy about his actions, the father replied with more offensive words comparing the girl to a wild goat which needs to be restrained. Great parenting skills! All this hassle for what? Children in the first or second grade. The kids’ parents represent how overly dramatic, nonsensical, ignorant, and violent society can be.

Very disturbing to the ears:

كامباك ٢٠١٧ واللي عنده معزة يربطها والسلامو عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Posted by Rammah Magdy Mostafa on Monday, March 13, 2017


Posted by Tameem Youness on Wednesday, March 15, 2017


However, social media users couldn’t stop themselves from making the greatest memes, comics, and posts of all time out of this mess.

مفيش بويز هتلعب مع بناتي هنا

Posted by Eman Fathii on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Relationship status:مابلعبش مع بويز.

Posted by Lamia Moussa on Monday, March 13, 2017


4) #MothersDay

Next week, Mother’s Day will bring all the mother-daughter/son bonds, and their feelings, to the surface. Enjoying the mothers’ and grandmothers’ company, siblings competing to show their love with the “who got the best gift” contest, or worshiping the closest mother figure around.

Juhayna’s new advertisement aimed for something different though; the ad started a trend of posting an old photo with the most humiliating fashion choice your mother made for you, along with the hashtag #RememberMom, and the 10 most bizarre looks will get gifts. 


كل اللي ماما عملته علشاننا واحنا صغيرين كوم واللبس ده كوم تاني خالص! اتفرجوا واعرفوا أكتر عن دور الأمهات واختياراتهم اللي كانت دايمًا عالموضة.ولو انت كمان مامتك عملت فيك كده وانت صغير، ادخل على حسابنا على انستاجرامhttp://instagram.com/juhaynadairyابعتلنا صورتك على #فاكرة_يا_ماما وأكتر 10 لبسهم شكله غريب هيكسبوا معانا هدايا من جهينه

Posted by Juhayna Dairy on Thursday, March 16, 2017

5) #D-CAF

Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) is Egypt’s first international contemporary arts festival. The festival joins all artistic aspects together from 18 different countries; music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and film. It aspires to bridge between art and culture.

The events and shows started on the 17th of March and are expected to take place over the next three to four weeks; they will be held at important sites and locations, such as historical buildings and rooftops, but the first event took place at AUC’s Falaki Theatre. You can check out the photos here

For more details, follow the Facebook page

Bonus: Meme of the Week

This is size zero, Zara…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA hamouut this totally made my morning 😂😂😂 I love the drama that goes down in women's private facebook groups 😂

Posted by Doaa Magdy on Sunday, March 12, 2017


What are your thoughts?

Share with us your opinions on this week’s trends and hashtags. What did we miss? Which trend/hashtag interested you?


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