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How To Conquer Exams During Ramadan

You raise both arms in defeat and claim, with a sour face, that exams can’t be survived in Ramadan, especially not in the scorching heat of May’s mornings and afternoons. [ … ]

About Dalia Ismail

One of my selves is a cranky, critical misanthrope who tries to make the most of living amidst absurdity. Another is a 21-year-old college student who thrives on communicating with friends and fellow students to share the untold backstories and thoughts of our common lives. When you feel that a college-related panic fit is around the corner, make sure to drop by at Students' Hub to chat about it. I'll be here to respond to your worries.

It’s a Teens Life: How to Apply for University Abroad

Written by Hussein Ahmed Hussein Ahmed is a New Yorker who spent his three years of high school in Egypt and is currently a resident student at Stony Brook University, [ … ]

About Hussein Ahmed

Hello everyone, I’m 17 years old. I grew up in New York but I have been living in Egypt for the past three years. My greatest happiness is reading while listening to Coldplay and spending time with my family. My greatest fear is growing up, making wrong decisions and having to choose to do something or be somebody I do not want to be. Despite this, I have a passion for writing and joining Cairo Contra is a step in facing my greatest fear. I am a writer for “It’s a Teen’s Life” column.

Students’ Hub: Your Guide To The World Of Studying

Written by Alaa (aka Lols) Hello peeps! I’m back with this month’s “College Life” after a very long disappearance. For you readers out there, College Life has become a monthly [ … ]

About Alaa Rahman

I’m one of the In-Betweeners. I hover between reality and fiction worlds (of my own creation or currently existent). However, my 28 year old Economic Analyst alter ego at the Egyptian Ministry of Finance keeps me grounded in real life (unfortunately!). I am a big freak when it comes to Harry Potter related basically anything. I love writing; I draw and paint as well as cook and play the violin (still an amateur though!) Kingdom Hearts is – in my opinion – the best fantasy game out there and music is life! I’ll be writing Decisions in a Halo and editing fiction pieces to whoever feels like venturing in the world of myth.