Happy and Blessed Moolid ELNabi!

Written by Lama El Najdi

Mawlid Nabawy

Happy Moolid ElNabi! Today, we’re celebrating the birth of prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) and we’re reminded by the great example of a man he used to be. We at Cairo Contra, are sending the Muslim community, and everyone that celebrates this sacred anniversary, our deepest and heartiest regards. We wish you an exquisitely delightful holiday, and more importantly, we wish you lots of yummy Moolid candy and treats!

With love,

The Cairo Contra Team

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I’m one of the In-Betweeners. I hover between reality and fiction worlds (of my own creation or currently existent). However, my 28 year old Economic Analyst alter ego at the Egyptian Ministry of Finance keeps me grounded in real life (unfortunately!). I am a big freak when it comes to Harry Potter related basically anything. I love writing; I draw and paint as well as cook and play the violin (still an amateur though!) Kingdom Hearts is – in my opinion – the best fantasy game out there and music is life! I’ll be writing Decisions in a Halo and editing fiction pieces to whoever feels like venturing in the world of myth.

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