Month: June 2018

Is Mido’s ‘Kersh’ Funny?

When it comes to creative joke-making, Egyptians go far beyond the highest rank. Everyone here loves sharing a good joke, so everyone competes in coming up with new ones. There’s [ … ]

About Dalia Ismail

One of my selves is a cranky, critical misanthrope who tries to make the most of living amidst absurdity. Another is a 21-year-old college student who thrives on communicating with friends and fellow students to share the untold backstories and thoughts of our common lives. When you feel that a college-related panic fit is around the corner, make sure to drop by at Students' Hub to chat about it. I'll be here to respond to your worries.


  When my parents told me we’re moving to Egypt, I knew my whole world would never be the same. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and I [ … ]

About Maryam Bastawicy

Hello, I’m a 20 something student of English Literature. A lover of the “word” and how each language uniquely conveys the same “word”, a lover of the mind’s eye and the black holes of imagination, and a digger in theories and philosophies. An all-time reader, Rock n Roller, storyteller and enthusiast.